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Finding the Best RV Rentals in Austin? Here’s All You Need to Know

Planning to take your family on an adventurous trip?

Now if you are living in Austin, have you ever thought of renting an RV?

Now you’re starting to think, right?

Wondering if it’s possible for you to go on your own RV journey?

No, you don’t need to own an RV to go on an adventure! You can easily find an RV to rent.
So, pack your bags now and get ready for an adventurous of a life time.

While renting an RV in Austin is indeed a pretty cool idea to have fun and adventure.
However, finding a suitable RV that meets all your requirements and comfort is not as easy task.  There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration before you think of renting an RV in Austin, Texas.

You should know that, RVs have got different models and which one you should opt for totally depends upon your preferences.

In this post, we are going to talk about why renting an RV in Austin is such a great way to take your family on an adventure into the Hill Country and beyond.

Renting an RV:

RV comes from Recreational Vehicle which is a perfect choice for short and long road trips. These kinds of vehicles have lot’s of room and amenities.  You get many of the same luxuries from home but on a scaled down version (smaller cooktop, smaller bathroom etc).

Different companies in Austin rent RVs to make sure that people can enjoy the RV lifestyle with their friends and family.  This is a unique experience that everyone should try.  Don’t get on a plane and skip everything in between… that’s where all the character is.  Stop and smell the roses, grab a steak on Route 66, hit the mountains and go camping.  The possibilities are endless.

Why choose RV to travel?

RV travel is an awesome experience.  With an RV, you will have the conveniences and comfort of home, while at the same time you will enjoy the flexibility and freedom of being mobile, and away from home.

It’s also cost effective since you won’t be paying for flying all over the country or paying rent to stay in hotels, eating out and all that.  The more you have the cheaper it is per person.  The rental charges may differ considering the RV Type, Size and Duration of rental. More luxury will mean that you have to pay more. However, typical RVs will cost you around $150 to $450 per day.  The rent fee is very reasonable for having those home-style luxuries.

The Options Available For Renting an RV:

There are different options available for renting an RV. However, it will solely depend upon your specific needs, such as your affordability, number of persons traveling with you, how long you plan to rent it for.

One of the top criteria for selecting the right RV is the passenger or sleep count.

Number of Passengers:

Smaller RV’s like Toy Haulers or Travel Trailers are designed to be towed and typically have a passenger or sleep count of a couple up to 5 or 6. They are a perfect choice for couples or small families who want to hook it up to their vehicle and and take off for a small vacation. The larger RV’s such as Class A and Class C are ideal for larger families or groups or folks who just want more space to live and travel in.  With slide outs and expandable sections you can really create a large footprint closer to the room and freedom you get from being in your house.

Traveling in an RV as Compared to a Typical Vehicle:

RV’s are more enjoyable and fun as compared to a typical vehicle. There are so many reasons to choose an RV over a typical car when taking a road bound trip. Some of them are as follows:

An RV is Spacious:
Most RV’s have a lot of space inside them. You will never get worried if it is a long journey because one can easily roam inside the Motorhome with ease or take a nap. This is not the case with a typical vehicle. Space is so congested, that you won’t be able to move anywhere except your seat. You can even lie down and sleep whenever you want.

Home like Experience:

All the amenities of a normal home are provided in an RV. Resources like furnished kitchens, proper areas to sleep, and compartments for storing important belongings, small cupboards and TV racks are included in almost every type of RV. You can enjoy all these things.

No Worries about Renting a Hotel Room:

Many people aren’t able to visit their favorite places in Austin just because renting a hotel Room in these places is very costly. With an RV, you will not have to worry about renting an expensive hotel room. It is able to provide you enough space in which you can travel comfortably with your family or even with small babies.

That being said, your family and friends will never face any jet leg or issues sleeping at night in an RV.

Advantages of Renting an RV in Austin:

There are many advantages to renting an RV in Austin. Apart from being spacious and saving you the cost to book a hotel room, an RV can prove itself better than that.

How? Let’s have a look at the advantages of RV rentals in Austin:

1. Accessibility to Destinations:

The first advantage of traveling in an RV is that you can see the surroundings with a better view.

Recreational vehicles are higher as compared to other road vehicles. They have larger windshields through which you can experience a better view of the surroundings.
That being said, you will surely enjoy taking pics from within or outside once you’ve reached a destination.

2. Better Travel Interactions:

Traveling in an RV will provide you better travel interactions with other people as compared to other rides. You can easily access travelers while driving an RV.  There’s a sense of family when it comes to people who RV.  On the way to different places, you can ask other travelers about their favorite travel destinations as well. You will be able to explore more and meet all kinds of people out on the road.

3. Low Accommodation Expense:

Traveling in an RV will save you from accommodation cost. You will not have to worry about renting a hotel room just to spend your night over there as an RV can provide you these facilities in a much better environment.
Many travelers have shared their stories of spending beautiful nights in some of the most expensive places without paying a single penny.
However, you should keep one thing in mind that there are some places that won’t allow overnight parking as proper banners are placed in such areas. So, you should avoid parking in these areas to save yourself from getting penalized by the authorities.

4. Relaxation:

An RV is indeed a better choice to enjoy traveling in a relaxed environment. Traveling in RV surely will make your traveling experience more lively and enjoyable at the same time.
If you are more into setting up your own patio in a beautiful area or want to make your own food, then an RV can better suit your demands. You can easily go on hiking and fishing trips in such vehicles as well.

5. Better Lifestyle:

An RV is just like a home packed in a cabin. All important accessories are provided there. You will be able to enjoy setting up a recreational vehicle according to your own preferences as well.

There are different features available in a recreational vehicle such as a shelf for storing books, small cupboards, well-furnished kitchen, proper sleeping areas, and ventilation system. Once you get an RV on rental in Austin, you will enjoy living in it from the very first day for sure.

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Why Ernie’s Elite RV Rental?

What makes this service stand out from others is the fact that it provides an affordable luxury for everyone.
There are many RVs available from which you can select your own type according to your budget and requirements.
The cost per night is very low as compared to other expensive companies. Special discounts are provided to those who are renting the service for the very first time.
In short, going to Hill Country and beyond with your family will be an affordable luxury, open for all, with best rates and facilities in the market. Satisfaction is guaranteed if you rent an RV from Ernie’s Elite Rental place.

The Final Word:

Traveling in an RV is a lifetime experience, something which one shouldn’t miss! Even if you’ve have traveled to all the destinations of the world, still if you haven’t experienced an RV, you are missing out on a one-of-a-kind experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Go rent an RV and let the fun begin!

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